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Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
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Bruna NN, 78218784_551827368884439_3927184 @iMGSRC.RU

KEYMacro is a small utility that can macro virus and auto run files and folders on your Windows PC. It is a tool that make your life much easier because you can use it to run programs at scheduled times or on demand. With KEYMacro, you can run programs, open programs, open documents and folders, launch shortcuts, batch files, and even setup a shortcut to your My documents folder. Just add your batch and shortcut files to the KEYMacro Favorites folder and then simply launch your favorite batch file and shortcuts with one click. Moreover, you can also lock, hide, and even delete your favorite folders. You can also set your own message and icon to the opened file and folder. So, what are you waiting for? Let KEYMacro take you to the next level.

Apolinario C.



It has a good GUI! it works pretty well. I like this product, the interface is excellent.

What do you think about KeyMacro? I found it to be a very good product, and I can recommend it.

Konstantin E.



Very user-friendly

David L.



It does what it’s supposed to do, which is to make life easy. But there are some things you need to know: (1) It does not run in the background, so if you cancel it, you have to kill the shortcut. (2) It does not support batch files, so you can’t just run a list of files. (3) The interface is awkward and not intuitive. It’s great that it does what you want it to, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

George D.



This is a must-have for Windows users. In a few words, it makes your life easier. You can add a shortcut to your desktop, you can easily add a shortcut to your system directory, you can add a shortcut to a folder you create and you can run a batch file. The setup is simple. You add your favorite shortcuts, edit them and launch them at once. You can even create a shortcut for Windows to open your documents folder. I recommend this tool to all the users.

How about KeyMacro? I found this product to be easy to use. 84e02134c1

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Emicsoft iPad Transfer
Avalloc EXIF Sorter
H264 WebCam
Atomic Whois Explorer
GVD Process Task Utility
Waf DotNetPad
Windows 7 OEM Editor
Selection Maker
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– This is a CASE tool that generates…

SELPE is a software to support the design of the UNIX Workstation, and other Software tools that require a great number of operations to create a Plan, by type, object or event.
Main features:
– Object-oriented programming
– Inheritance
– Units (subsystems, components)
– States (automatic, debug, error)
– Partition and subpartitioning
– Selection of fields in a list
– Generation of a word document with an XML schema
– Merging a list of…

Websockets is a client server based protocol that was implemented to create an easy way to access the internet to the masses. Websockets are:
– Web compatible (client side)
– Scalable (server side)
– No need for Cookies
– No server side limitations (like session management)

EZ-DRAW is a graphic design application that allows you to easily make two-dimensional drawings in a fully object-oriented, easy to learn, and yet quite powerful way. EZ-DRAW uses an intuitive user interface that resembles a standard drawing board, with icons that correspond to common drawing tools like a pencil, pen, eraser, etc.

CableOwl was designed to be a web-based technology that can assist you to better manage your cable TV subscription.
CableOwl is a web-based platform that allows you to add, modify and delete services, choose channels, and see which programs are being broadcasted and to which channels. It is possible to filter by type (transponders, packages,…).

The latest release of Sol-gen is the most advanced C# generator to date. It can generate code using inheritance, generics, encapsulation, interfaces, events, and other advanced C# features. The solution design is implemented in an object-oriented manner. The solution is built from a set of entities and each entity has a set of attributes. It can generate code for any entity.

The EventHelper is an object-oriented framework that supports software development in Microsoft Visual Basic.NET and Microsoft Visual C#.NET. It can work with the.NET Framework 2.0 and with any version of the.NET Framework and with Microsoft Visual C#.NET, Microsoft Visual Basic.NET, and Microsoft Visual J#.NET. The EventHelper is intended for software developers who want to design their own business applications and

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