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Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
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• macOS Universal Installer for KeyMacro to effortlessly automate your Mac or Windows PC keyboard macros to all your favorite apps.
• Improve your typing speed by automatically replacing your repeating, boring and tiring text for you.
• Record your keystrokes for you to play back later, using the built-in voice recorder.
• Set pre-defined keyboard shortcuts for doing different actions in Mac or Windows apps.
• Set commands for websites, emails, Facebook, IM apps and more.
• Create a great first impression.
• Customize the keyboard shortcuts to meet your work flow, such as “Pressing Caps Lock is my Facebook”
• Shortcuts will even be invoked when a specific app is in focus and not being used.
• Find app support for over 50 Mac and Windows apps.
In addition, the KeyMacro can be used to easily remap your keyboard.
Setting up the KeyMacro app is easy. Download and run the KeyMacro app and connect your computer via a USB cable. Install the macOS installer and it automatically detects the KeyMacro on your computer and installs the necessary files. You can use the following short codes to remap your keyboard:
• Arrow Keys: Move back and forth in your app’s interface
• Tab: Switch between app’s controls
• Space Bar: Activate an app’s keyboard shortcut
• Esc: Return to previous app
• Enter: Enter your password for your keyboard shortcuts
• Page Up: Previous app’s window
• Page Down: Next app’s window
• Ctrl+Space Bar: Open new tab
• Ctrl+Tab: Move between tabs
• Ctrl+Shift+Space Bar: Open new window
• Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Move between windows
• Ctrl+A: Select all
• Ctrl+C: Copy
• Ctrl+X: Cut
• Ctrl+V: Paste
• Ctrl+N: Navigate forward
• Ctrl+U: Navigate backward
• Ctrl+I: Start recording voice commands
• Ctrl+F: Start dictation
• Ctrl+W: Close the app
• Ctrl+Q: Quit the app
• Ctrl+U: Undo
• Ctrl+Y: Redo
• Ctrl+Z: Bring app to foreground
• Ctrl+N: New tab
• Ctrl+M: Minimize app
• Ctrl+A: Select all
• Ctrl+C: 384a16bd22

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– Allows you to add a hotkey to trigger the animaion at any time
– Allows you to change the number of ants (1 to 12)
– Allows you to change the color of ants
– Allows you to modify the size and speed of ants
– Allows you to modify the movement pattern of ants
– Allows you to modify the transparency level of ants
– Allows you to modify the distance the ants have to travel to attack the mouse
– Allows you to set the mouse to be controlled by ants

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A “shocking” video has emerged of a dead baby koala found in a vehicle, with allegations of a father taking the koala from a mother which has left many asking if the law is being broken. The South Australian Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) was called to a vehicle parked in North Plympton, near Adelaide, on Thursday morning after an animal care officer found the koala, still alive, inside. The koala was dead when the DEC arrived, but the body was warm. “The koala was found by the vehicle’s driver and placed inside the vehicle, where it is believed it died of a severe cold,” a DEC spokeswoman said. “It is alleged the vehicle’s driver took the koala from the mother. “The koala was found inside a vehicle in a vehicle that is allegedly parked on private property. It is a regulatory offence to take an animal out of its habitat.” The department is investigating whether a criminal offence has been committed and are waiting for a formal post-mortem report. “The koala was a mother and possibly had one or more joeys in her pouch,” the spokeswoman said. “The male, or father, was also dead, but the temperature of his body was higher than that of the koala.” According to Save the Koala South Australia, koalas are vulnerable to heat stress, which can lead to heat stroke and even death, “especially when they are hauled into hotter climates for collection and transport”. “In this case, the koala was apparently taken to the nearest body of water, which was not the koala’s habitat,” the organisation said. “Koalas are designed to go on heat-stressed journeys in the cool of the night, but

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