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Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
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KEYMACRO is a Windows application that allows you to create macros for Microsoft Office applications.
It consists of three main functions:
create macros – just paste the code snippets into the body of a macro or drag and drop an existing macro.
play macros – run and replay macros that were saved before in the application’s list.
create shared macros – save macros that can be replayed or played by others in the network.
Keymacro is an extension of Microsoft Office program development, allowing you to build macros in every Office application: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access.
Language: English

3.14 MB

YouMinds Composer is a reliable program, suitable for task organizing, presentations, creating mindmaps, organigrams or brainstorms with your team members. The software features several types of diagram templates and allows you to select either one, in order to create your own plan.
Diagram designer
YouMinds Composer is a comprehensive presentation tool, note taker and schedule creator, which allows you to organize your ideas into mindmaps, diagrams and even slideshows. The application allows you to select from the multiple graphic representation types and manually modify each aspect of the diagrams.
The main display area on the left allows you to view the diagram, as well as to add new nodes and create links. Each element can be viewed separately, in a separate tab and can be easily modified. Right click on any element and format it, edit its name, add icons, assign URLs, files, markers or symbol tags. Text editing tools, import and export options are also available.
Representations and schedule creator
YouMinds Composer allows you to choose from amongst a multitude of graphic representations for the diagrams: mindmaps, organigrams, ontologies, notetakers, checklists, concept diagrams, blocks, slideshow presentation, text structure, task manager, table and relation matrix. Several designing tools are available and you can assign symbol tags for priority, tendency, rating, smileys, progress, checkboxes or custom.
You may also create a project based on various tasks and mark their start or ending date, as well as progress indicator. The software allows you to zoom in or out on the diagram, add metadata to any of the elements, add comments or create an animated presentation.
Team sessions
With YouMinds Composer other team members can remotely access the application, via the local network and view/modify the project during live sessions. The session duration is 384a16bd22

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This macro creates a keyboard shortcut which launches the ShotTheScreen.

Initial release (31-05-2013):

Version 1.1 – added command line options
Version 1.1.1 – changed the panel so that it is more consistent with the settings.
Version 1.2 – added a command line option to prevent the application from running automatically.
Version 1.2.1 – corrected some issues.Field
The disclosure relates to a method, system, and article of manufacture for the autohealing of writeable cache.
Description of the Related Art
Storage controllers communicate with host systems by transmitting and receiving data over a network. In many storage systems, all or a portion of a system memory is implemented as a writeable cache. The writeable cache is a portion of a memory (e.g., main memory) that may be written to by a storage controller (a component in the storage system that manages access to the memory). Writeable caches are useful because they provide very fast access to data, because they are typically physically close to the storage controllers (typically in the same central processing unit or chipset), and because they may be used to provide a secondary copy of data.
It is also possible for the writeable cache to be a portion of a memory that may be written to by a storage controller. Writeable cache may be used to enhance storage controller performance by providing fast access to data. In some storage systems, a storage controller can automatically write data to a writeable cache that is accessed more frequently than the main memory.Reduction in the amount of H2O2 entering the cell: a physiologic role for ATP-sensitive potassium channels.
H2O2 entering the cell at low pH is a major source of reactive oxygen species. The low pH/large H2O2 environment promotes cellular functions leading to cell death, and therefore, ATP-sensitive potassium (KATP) channels provide a critical safeguard by blocking Ca(2+)-dependent or voltage-dependent release of cellular Ca2+. We previously showed that the KATP channel of vascular smooth muscle is directly activated by H2O2. The present study examined the mechanism by which H2O2 activates the KATP channel and tested the hypothesis that the abundance of H2O2 entering the cell contributes to its activation. In cell-free conditions, H2O2 activated the KATP channel in a concentration-dependent manner. On exposure to low pH, the amplitude of KATP

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