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Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
gta iv character mods – O Vin Bio
Vente de vin bio en ligne

gta iv character mods

-Double-click or right-click on any text string to copy it to the clipboard.
-Double-click on the clipboard to paste the text.
-Convenient hotkeys.
-User-defined number of clips to be stored.
-Favorites and password protection.
-Lots of themes.
What’s New in Version 2.0.1:
-Fixed: item ordering can no longer be changed.
-Fixed: minor bugs.
The Best Clipboard Manager
Elevate your ability to clip multiple text strings by having the Best Clipboard Manager. The program allows you to save text strings in the clipboard and cut, copy and paste them at any time.
Unlike many other clipboard managers, Best Clipboard Manager lets you create unlimited number of clips. In addition, it allows you to automatically hide sensitive information when it is copied.
Moreover, all of the clips can be listed, rearranged, marked as favorites and password protected. All of these features make the application very convenient and user friendly.
Best Clipboard Manager has been developed in an effort to simplify the process of clipping and working with multiple text strings.
Allows the user to create multiple text strings in the clipboard
You can arrange the items in the list by dragging them around to your liking. If you wish, you can also mark them as favorites so that they are easily accessible.
You can also password protect all of the items in the list. It is a very useful feature, especially when you are working with sensitive information.
Supports all of the Unicode characters
Some of the other programs don’t allow you to use non-ASCII characters. This makes the clipboard a bit more limited when it comes to working with accents and other special characters. Fortunately, Best Clipboard Manager supports all of the Unicode characters, which means you can cut and paste all of your favorite text strings in the clipboard.
You can also edit the text strings before you are copied. This is very useful when you wish to make sure that they are in the proper form.
Supports password protection
In addition to being able to display sensitive information, you can also protect them by using a password.
Allows the user to automatically hide passwords when they are copied
Another feature that makes the program stand out is the ability to hide passwords when they are copied. Naturally, you can do this even if you are copying text strings that are sensitive.
Has a very clean interface
The Best Clipboard Manager has a d82f892c90

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Texas Mileage Chart is a dynamic online map and graph which gives details about the distance, travel time and fastest/shortest route length between the two or more selected cities. With user-friendly design, you can quickly plan your trips to any destination in Texas.
Features of Texas Mileage Chart:
• Show the fastest and shortest routes between the two selected cities.
• Can zoom-in and zoom-out on the map using the zoom-wheel.
• Choose from two views – a 2D map view (flat) or a 3D view (3D).
• Display driving distances, driving time and driving speed.
• Display distances, driving time and travel speed for each route on the routes list.
• Drag the route point to move the route point or the zoomed-in map on the map.
• Click on the route points to see detailed information about the routes.
• Click on the route title to see a detailed route description.
• Click on the route name to get detailed driving distance, driving time and driving speed for the route.
• Click on the ruler icon (top-right corner) to get more detailed views of the selected route.
• Get additional information about Texas from the list of features (available with some premium services).
• Add another city to the map or remove an existing city from the map by clicking on the city points.
• Display the latest travel time of the route (only available with some premium services).
• Add a city to the routes list by dragging the route point to the required location.
• Display alternate routes (these are routes that are not listed on the mileage chart but could be used for planning trips).
• Print the map and routes list.
• Get more information about the map (available with some premium services).
• Export to.csv,.excel or.pdf format.

Texas Mileage Chart uses the Google Maps API. This application is not affiliated with Google in any way. Google has no access to, or control over the information provided by this application. Google Maps are the property of Google Inc.

Texas Mileage Chart Size: 3.55 MB


11/13/2010 now has a mobile version of Texas Mileage Chart! If you’ve got a Blackberry or Android phone or tablet, make sure to check out the mobile version here:

Texas Mileage Chart now

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