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Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
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– Keyboard macro capabilities allow you to trigger macros when your mouse moves to a specific location.
– Trigger macros using keyboard shortcuts that you have previously defined.
– Control the area of the screen that is used for macro triggers and specify the number of times the macro must be triggered before moving on to the next macro in the sequence.
– Trigger all macros in one keystroke, or launch a macro from a specific location.
– Set the current mouse position as a macro trigger for future macros.
– Macro recording begins automatically after a key press and continues until you close KeyMacro.
– A file containing your macros is saved after every macro.
– Define macros and run them in the order you choose.
– Each macro has a name, which is shown in the Macros list when you open a macro file.
– Use any of the preset macros or create your own macro.
KeyMacro helps you automate repetitive tasks, speed up mouse operations, or better tune your keyboard.
KeyMacro is an essential keyboard utility that lets you perform macro tasks to save time in a wide range of applications.
View Macros Definition:
– View or edit macros created using KeyMacro.
– Copy, paste, delete, and rename macros.
– Paste macros as text.
– Select, copy, or delete macros.
– New macro definition file allows you to create new macros using the Macros Editor.
– See the Macros list for the names and descriptions of macros you created.
– View a macro’s details, including the date it was last modified.
– Remove a macro or macros.
Macros Recording and Playing:
– Record and play macros using mouse clicks.
– Record and play macros in Windows Media format.
– Add a video file to a macro.
– Preset macros to run when you press a specific keyboard button.
– A macro can be triggered once or multiple times.
– A macro can be triggered in the foreground or background.
– Macros can be triggered from a variety of different areas on the screen.
– Macros can be triggered from a mouse click.
– Macros can be triggered from the mouse wheel, or from text, a menu item, or the iconbar.
– Macros are saved in a file that includes the name of the macro, the file that contains it, the date it was last saved, and the keyboard shortcut used to save it.
– You can open 9e73cec45a

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The Macro enables the user to transfer a table from a FoxPro source file to a Microsoft Access database. The macro allows inputting a table name, indicating the source location and the destination location, as well as the destination name. The macro is only capable of working with Microsoft Access databases, while it is not capable of reading and writing in FoxPro.Q:

How do I include an external CSS file in a _Layout.cshtml file?

I’m trying to use the eCSS extension ( in my MVC project, and the documentation states I should place the CSS files into a _Layout.cshtml file, but I’m not sure how I should include it.
Should I place it like this:


If so, should the path to the file be ~/CSS/file.css? Or is there another way to accomplish this?


As said in the link you posted, it’s just a matter of registering the stylesheet with the Razor engine.
In _Layout.cshtml:

The above code is similar to the one you posted in your question, except for the path that is used as a root to search the.css file.

// This file is part of libigl, a simple c++ geometry processing library.
// Copyright (C) 2013 Alec Jacobson
// This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License
// v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, You can
// obtain one at
#include “igl_inline.h”
namespace igl
// Returns true if the given mesh contains piecewise constant
// geometry (i.e., the

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