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Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
jb-toolkit_ios14 – O Vin Bio
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Backup4All Plugin – back up settings, configurations, logs and registry
MailWasher – MS Outlook (registry, settings, etc)
Exclusionlist – specify file types to be excluded from backup
Deleted Items – backup items that have been removed from the Deleted Items folder
Errorlog – backup all error logs
Quaranteelist – specify number of errors to be quarantined by the system
Downloadlist – backup items that have been downloaded
MailQueuelist – backup items that are queued for delivery
Sentitems – backup items that have been sent to recipients
Speciallist – specify special files/folders that should be backed up


…and the list goes on, but now there are many more.
Now you are running the program with that XML file in it and you might notice that the files that you backed up don’t match exactly the ones inside your installation folder. This is because the settings were saved in a temporary file created in the Program Files folder and the backup plugin found them there. Also when the backup plugin saved the settings it looked at the modification date of those files and if it was earlier than when the backup was done it did not copy them to the backup. To avoid this if you want the program to save the same configs inside the backup, just configure the program to save the changes from program settings to the backup. This is configurable via the Program tab of the options dialog. If you want to copy the files regardless of their modification dates you can configure the program to use the current date as a reference when saving the settings.
The complete list of the XML settings and their key values can be found in the Readme.txt file inside the plugin folder.

What is new in this release:

Fixed compatibility issue with Xara for Win


Important: Backup4all 3.1.0 or higher is required for MailWasher Pro 5.3.3 or higher (or 4.8.2 or higher if the plugin was installed as MailWasher backup)

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KM: Contains code which allows the keymapping of a chord played on the keyboard.
Often used for songs like “Yesterday” by The Beatles, which uses an A major chord, but you play an A minor instead.
To use the default mapping of A minor on the keyboard, look in the file and edit it as appropriate.
I think there are only two real things which you can modify, and they are the start and end chord (sometimes called “key”). For example, for the song “Yesterday”, it looks like this:
start A minor
end A major

If you don’t like the default chords, then you can change it. To change the chords, first change the default chords, then look at the keysym macros to see what chords will work best. If you want to look at these, then look at the Keysym.xml file. If you just want to change the chords for one key then look at the file in the same directory, and look in the third lines which begin with “start” and end with “end”.
To change the chords, look at the keysym macros, and change them. To do this, open the file, and change each “start” line to whatever you want, then press the key you want, and change the “end” line to the key you want to end with. It’s fairly self-explanatory.
If you look in the Keysym.xml file, you will see three lines which look like:

The first line is the start chord, the second the first chord in the chord sequence, and the third the last. You can change those numbers to whatever chords you want. To change the chords just put the number that you want there instead of what it has.
KM: Cmaj7_13/Dm7_13
KM: This is a chord sequence macro which you will use with a normal chord macro. For example, say you have a chord macro for a Cmaj7 chord, and another for Dm7. Now this macro says:
– if this is a Cmaj7
– then play the Dm7 chord.
This means that the chord sequence for this macro

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