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Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
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Vente de vin bio en ligne

JUGUETONAS, 10359169_303265389836063_5950501 @iMGSRC.RU

Text2Kar is a simple command line tool designed to convert a midi file with lyrics into a karaoke midi file (.kar).
Here are some key features of “Text2Kar”:
■ reads a binary midi file
■ writes a binary midi file
■ searches a lyrics track
■ splits melody and lyrics into two tracks
■ adds MIDI Karaoke (.kar) format text events to the words track (invented by Tune 1000 Corp.)
Many midi sequencers on the market support lyrics/karaoke editing. To export the lyrics in midi files they have designed some standards how the text information is placed in a midi file.
Text2Kar have been also inspired by other midi lyrics converters such as: alfi.

01-01-2018, 16:50


This tool is helpful. thanks.

07-02-2018, 14:47


hi friends…just i can’t understand how you can convert MIDI files to karaoke file with txt2kar…i think this software is just for check the songs it’s too easy…and if the software is really for karaoke, you can try this karaoke software to convert the songs to karaoke format like this…

07-06-2018, 18:19


my friend, i see you still not know how to convert midi to karoki. so here a little explain to you:

it’s easy to convert.midi to.karoki

all you need to do is just download the karaoke software, and then use the karaoke software.

please read my guide, it’s very easy and it can help you.

how to convert.midi to.karoki:

1. download the karaoke software

2. import.midi to the karaoke software

3. use the slider of the karaoke software to change the tempo of the karaoke file.

If you want the detail tutorial and video help, please follow my karaoke software review and guide, it’s very easy.

07-06-2018, ce698b3d9e

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WebSweep is an HTML converter that will take any text file (or related) and it will transform it into a web page ready for web deployment.

WinSweep is a tool that provides fast and powerful HTML page creation. WinSweep helps you create HTML5 pages that will be compatible with your mobile device and desktop computers, so that your clients can view the page, regardless of the device they use.
– Convert text file into HTML or other documents
– Save documents in a single file that is ready to be deployed on web sites
– Create custom HTML page formats with WebScheme (Ajax)
– You can use multiple stylesheets and fonts
– Multi-document converting
– Support for windows, mac, linux and many more.

Easily create a complete Web site from scratch using advanced web authoring tools. WebSiteBuilder Deluxe’s powerful and easy-to-use interface allows you to create your site from the ground up, no HTML knowledge required.
What’s New in this Release:
Full support for CSS 3.x with the advanced features of WebSiteBuilder Deluxe 3.8.
You can create a site with more than one domain in a single installation.

WebPageFromScratch is a HTML conversion utility. Convert any text files (or related) into web pages. The WebPageFromScratch is a web conversion tool that is useful for web developers. Convert your text files or web files in Microsoft Word, or any other common text editors, into web pages. WebPageFromScratch is a useful software that will help you convert your text files into web pages. WebPageFromScratch is a web conversion tool that is useful for web developers. Convert your text files or web files in Microsoft Word, or any other common text editors, into web pages.

tWitter is a server/client social network system (program) that converts the user’s HTML/XHTML pages into tWitter compatible HTML pages. You can have all of your users viewing your tWitter/HTML pages in the same format as you have them created with a simple software download.
What does tWitter do?
tWitter is a free, web-based application that can host your own social network and/or extend your existing site into a social network.
The tWitter software converts your existing HTML and/or XHTML pages into a web-ready format. Your users can view your content in

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