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Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
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Mix of girls, 20201225_060827 @iMGSRC.RU

Keymacro is a powerful macro recorder that lets you create predefined keyboard commands and assign them to any hotkeys. The program saves the commands you create to any file in plain text format. All you have to do is record your input and then save the macros as a text file for later use.
Keymacro also lets you record keyboard input using several different methods. The most convenient is to simply press the hotkey and use the on-screen display to enter your command. Keymacro will automatically record the keystroke and display a box so you can easily enter your command. If you want to record a longer sequence of keystrokes, you can use the recorder option. If you prefer to just press your keys, then the keystroke recorder option is for you. You can even use the mouse and record your actions on-screen. For recording long strings, you can record via the clipboard. Simply highlight the text you wish to record and press Alt+PrtScrn and then select Paste when prompted.
Keymacro has extensive features that include recording multiple macros, recording multi-line text, recording to specific folders, macro templates, multi-line text templates and shortcuts. It has also got an audio recorder option. The audio recorder allows you to record your own voice and play it back in a window so you can create notes or have conversations on your computer.
Keymacro supports multiple languages. It is compatible with over 40 languages and there is a free demo available for you to try.
KEYMACRO Features:
* Record any keystrokes, mouse movements, clipboard text and windows
* Multi-line text for any sequence of text
* Templates, record your own voice
* Record to specific folders
* Support for multiple languages
* Multi-user/Multitasking modes
* Hotkeys and Windows shortcuts
* Audio recorder
* Export to.txt file
* Export to CD
* Audio spectrogram
* Audio signal generator
* Highlight text on the screen
* Multiple language support
* Macro record options
* Automatically records the last screen action
* Time recording
* Automatic Alt+PrtScn screen capture
* Hotkey recorder
* Fast F12 key screenshot
* Single line text editor
* Tiles, buttons and panels
* Shortcut key, button, panel and window recorder
* Multi-clipboard support
* Library, options, templates, keymap, settings and help
* Save-as, export- a77f14ba26

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The best thing about this application is that it allows you to have high-quality signature and document encryption at the same time. It has a nice, professional UI and can be used to secure sensitive documents and contracts. Furthermore, the free version is limited, but its features are still very good.

, which allows you to digitally sign and encrypt documents at once.
To sign a document, just drag and drop it on the application’s main window.
For a better security, you can pick any standard or user-defined private key file and will keep your data private.
If you want a more secure digital document, you can encrypt it with a 3DES or AES encryption, which makes sure that your data can not be read.
An important aspect of this program is the ability to specify any PDF or TXT file and add your signature and/or encryption to it. This feature allows you to digitally sign documents with a static signature or you can encrypt it with your private key.
Regarding to the last aspect, Digital Signer Lite offers several standard and customizable signature and encryption methods. In particular, the program allows for a PFX key file. This is the same PFX file that allows you to securely store your private keys in case you lose your private key file.
The program also allows you to sign files using your personal key. You can choose this option and will use a certificate from your chosen certification authority (CA) or a self-signed one.

A critical aspect of the Digital Signer Lite application is the ability to sign PDF documents. In this case, you can also encrypt the document, choosing from several types of encryption method, including AES encryption.

The last feature of Digital Signer Lite is the ability to choose an option which encrypts a selected file and adds a timestamp to it.


digitalSigner Lite is a very simple but handy tool for signing PDFs. You can specify a file to be signed by dragging and dropping it into the interface and then the user can see what is going on.
DigitalSigner Lite (Lite means restricted) comes with two features:

Signing – the ability to add a digital signature to a file
Encryption – the ability to encrypt a file

The Lite version will allow you to sign a limited number of files and there is no easy way of changing this.
For more powerful functionality you need to upgrade to the Professional version.
See the DigitalSigner Lite comparison chart.

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