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Livraison offerte à partir de 36 bouteilles
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Strips up the user interface for multi-track recording.
It allows you to record a sound directly into your desktop.
You can use KEYMACRO to record and playback up to 512 stereo tracks at a time.
KEYMACRO supports up to 12 different microphone input channels that you can use to record your music, audio and any other sounds.
KEYMACRO gives you the option to use a separate mouse-click key as the record button.
It also provides an extensive range of recording features such as a play/pause record button, start/stop recording button, record/play button, record level control and many more.
1. Building Blocks of Audio: Creating Sound and Audio Tracks
In this module you will learn about building audio tracks, creating audio data and how to load your audio data in KEYMACRO.
2. Making Audio Tracks
In this module you will learn how to record and playback your audio data in KEYMACRO.
3. MIDI Control & Mixing
In this module you will learn about how to assign MIDI control messages to various functions and effects of KEYMACRO and you will learn how to use the Mixer to achieve special effects.
4. Sound Sculpting
In this module you will learn how to control the audio signal using different types of filters, Waveshapers and other audio effects.
5. Mastering Your Audio
In this module you will learn how to enhance the audio quality of your audio files.
6. Complete Your Audio Studio
In this module you will learn how to make audio data compatible with other popular DAW’s like Pro Tools.
7. Free Bonus Multitrack Recording
This module will walk you through the free multi-track recording process in the KEYMACRO DAW.
8. Audio Recording Theory
You will learn how to understand the basics of audio recording with KEYMACRO
9. All About Keyclicking
In this module you will learn how to work with MIDI control.
10. Internal Projects
You will learn how to use KEYMACRO in your own projects.
12+ Hours of detailed lessons.
Each lesson is accompanied by a tutorial with a detailed screenshot and/or video guide.
7 Waveshaping Modes
You can select 7 modes for creating your own unique sound.
Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, Band-reject, Low-reject, High-reject and Invert Phases. 384a16bd22

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KeyM@aster is a simulation of the passing of time. The minutes, hours and days are represented in the form of a sequence of colored dots, for which the movement is controlled by a single key.
If the movement is interrupted by a red dot, this means that there is an error on the desktop, and you should log in to correct it.
Press the right arrow key to go forward in time. The yellow dot should be dragged back to the end of the line.
Press the left arrow key to go backward in time. The red dot should be dragged back to the beginning of the line.
When you start the program, the initial sequence is displayed. The next buttons will use this sequence to build the remaining sequences.
The dots may be moved back and forth, and each key combination is assigned a color:
Up – red
Down – blue
Left – green
Right – yellow
Reload – black
Input store:
This is the information stored during the execution of the simulation, which can be retrieved after the simulation is complete, via the input menu.
You can customize this by clicking on the “Input store” button. The default settings will remain in the settings.txt file.
Input store description:
The dots are initially black, so to remove any trace of the initial sequence, just press the “Reload” button.
The “Input store” button will be active whenever you’ve selected at least one sequence.
The settings.txt file contains the configuration of the program.
Settings can be configured with the following tabs:
* Log panel: Shows information about the program or log file
* Text display: The display method for the dots
* Text display: To configure the font used to display the text on the dot.
* Time display: To configure the color used to display the time.
* Time display: To configure the size of the seconds of the minutes.
* Numeric display: To configure the method used to display the numeric values.
* Reset: The default values of the configuration file are not displayed.
To configure these values, you must click on the settings.txt button and select the desired tab.
Log panel: Shows information about the program or log file.
This is used to display information when something goes wrong. For example, if you press the Esc key during the execution of the program, the log panel will display the following message:

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